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I watched a documentary last night called ‘Man on Earth’ it was simply about that, mans time on earth.

The droopy old dude who was narrating the whole saga wasn’t nearly as exciting as the revealing of Mother Earths resilient and adaptive nature. Mother Nature, Planet Earth, The World, Gaia, Pachamama, Home, ........ whatever you call it, she’s as gentle and humbling as she is tough and unforgiving.

Earth Day 2007 - Atlantic Reflection

I dunno why I inherently call the planet a She. Maybe it has something to do with a womens resilient spirit, her sensitive nature or simply because of the direct correlation with the ability to reproduce.

The theme olde Tony was reiterating throughout the documentary was simply that. Mother Earth, our Planet, reproduces. She adapts to conditions. She has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.

But the Earth is sensitive to external forces and reacts sharply, not always with such speed, but with a consistent and almost methodical, calculated reaction.

I think this is definitely why I call the planet a She.

Cue the topic ‘climate change’.

Climate Change Refugees

Yeah yeah, blah blah, its a two word phrase thrown around more than the the 90‘s classic, ‘ya mumma’.

But it is a fact. Climate change occurred 7000 years ago. The World adapted to the external forces it was forced to endure.

The entirety of Africa was once abundant with natural resources. Awash with such distinguished features such as lakes and rivers, covered from coast to coast with pristine rain forests. That all disappeared due to Mother Earths reaction to atmospheric conditions. Climate change.

Now the north of Africa is peeled back, the lush green fertile surface erased and now there exists nothing but sand, hot dry crusty sand.

From the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea, fucking hot sand.

Random fact. The Sahara is over 9 million square kilometers of desert. Say what?! Must suck being a camels toe. (Hot sand ;)

Morocco April 2008 102 Camel toe

Sahara Desert

Desert trip, Egypt

Climate change is occurring now. This minute, all around the World. The Planet is reacting and Mother Earth is buckling under the pressure.

Cracks are showing. Literally. Like the ones in the roads of downtown Christchurch, New Zealand.

Earthquake damage - road

There are three easily identifiable issues staring down the barrel at Mother Earth.

Population, overconsumption and inefficient resource use.

It is claimed that if humans don’t sort out these issues by 2050, just 40 years from now, then we will need 27 other planets just like this one, to be able to support ourselves. If that is, we continue to use and consume the Worlds natural and non natural resources at the rate we are going and reproduce the way we are reproducing.

i have free condoms

Astonishing aye?! The kind of startling fact that makes you not want to bring up kids in this World, for their sake.

Mass Murdering Condoms

There is not doubt, with us ants (humans) affecting the atmospheric conditions of theWorld, the knock on affects every living organism that clings to Mother Earths skin. Ok thats not fair, cows also need to look at the amount of farts they beef out. This has a massive effect on the ozone layer.

Cows fart 4 times more than humans. If that is anywhere near how many my girlfriend can pop out on a good day, thats some serious gas.

So whats the answer?!

Mother Earth Sound System Stickers

Probably not.

I ride a bike everywhere, but thats almost suicidal on a good day in London. Don’t buy Mcdonalds in places like Brazil where cattle are farmed on irreplaceable Amazonian soil. Conserve the precious amounts of finite fresh water we have....turn off unnecessary lights....the list goes on and who am I to blast these ideals down your throat?! Im certainly guilty of simple pleasures, although I did secretly tell myself I was a dirty rotten bastard when munching down a cheeseburger on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

What I think every human being occupying space on the surface of this Earth can do to affect climate change is quite simple.

Be conscious. Be conscious of how your actions in your everyday life affect others, not just those in immediate vicinity, but those in far away lands also.

Sounds like some sermon delivered to you by new age Buddha Backpacker Boy here, but its not. Nor am I preaching to the choir, singing REMs ‘its the end of the world as we know it...

Im just welcoming you to our world like Roy Orbison would. This is reality. The world around us is changing.

Our planet is hanging on a thread. Its a delicate world out there. Your world can be turned upside down at any moment.

Better book that ticket to Timbuktu then.....

sahara camel ride

If you haven’t yet seen this dazzling documentary, filmed over the course of 10 years, shot aerially over 75 different countries, then lock it in. The entire thing is free on youtube, as the famous Yann Arthus - Bertrand did not want to make any royalties or cash from this labour of love.

This he says, is something we all need to see.

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