Travel Terminology gets funky....

Neologisms. Coin-phrases, stereotypes and lots of hype. There are so many names for certain flavours of travellers. 

There exist such a melting pot of people that hit the road in search of adventure, in search of understanding, in search of different cultures, languages and lessons to be learnt.

Its hard to categorise all travellers and some resist the tags imposed on them by others. But I believe there is a real trend emerging. Backpackers are no longer one homogenous groups of travellers. The explosion of flashpackers onto the travel scene has caused many ripples across the traveling pond and in 2010 more will emerge...

Here are a few fun terms that have seeped out of the travel industry in the past few years alone....

• Babymoon: "One last trip" taken by an expecting couple before the arrival of travel-thwarting offspring.

• Couchsurfing: Flopping for free on a stranger's couch. Connections are usually made through the website, which has corralled more than 1 million members across the globe.

• Flashpacker: Someone who travels with a little more disposable income, where no cost is too great in the pursuit of travel happiness.

• Girlfriend Getaway: Adult version of a sleepover in which grown women fly to a destination, eat junk food, shop and complain about men.

• Silverpacker: Eccentric retired individual who perpetually coasts around reliving the dream.

• Narco-Tourist: A traveller, often bound for Amsterdam, who bases his or her destination upon the indigenous drug scene.

• Sightjogging: The healthy art of sightseeing whilst running (see also: tripping and falling).

• Slackpacker: A traveler that likes to get under the skin of a place, someone who stays awhile, not there for ticking off the boxes and grabbing the t-shirt, this traveler has time on their hands and uses it wisely to get the most out of their experience.

• Testosteroaming: The exclusively masculine pursuit of wandering around with a group of buddies in search of male bonding activities, i.e. hunting, playing pool and ogling women they don't stand a chance of getting.

• Transumer: An excessively rich tourist who approaches the world like it's an extended shopping mall.

• Voluntourism: Interactive form of travel in which do-gooders pitch in and build schools, educate locals and save the world.

Do you have any others, feel free to add them?
Happy travels, happy days

6Billion others...

We share this planet, with 6 billion others.
We eat and drink, fart and stink, just like 6 billion others.
We cry and we die, we live and we get by, like 6 million others.

We enter this world with nothing, we leave this world with nothing, just like the 6 billion others.
What we do on this planet, what we say on this planet, how we act on this planet, effects 6 billion others.

If we think before we act, if we speak before we retract, maybe then, there is hope for the 6 billion others.
Sadly at this pace, this so called civilised rat race, there is no room for 6 billion others.

How can we sustain, how can we refrain from hurting 6 billion others.
Compassion alone will not do, nor will pessimism on the other shoe.
We share this world with 6 billion others.


Visit 6 Billion Others @


Check out this amazing piece of work from Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the creator of the movie "Home"

It brings those 6 Billion others a whole lot closer


Travel with your eyes open...

As we travel through other cultures, other worlds, other peoples lives, we become a part of them. Whether we choose to embrace it or let those cultures, worlds and peoples lives pass by us, we undoubtably have the power to influence them in one way or another.

Whilst we cannot and should not impose our values and morals on other people, much the same way government foreign policy attempts miserably to dictate what others should and shall not do, we still must RESPECT, LEARN and UNDERSTAND as we travel the road of life.

Backpacking takes you to corners of the world where basic human rights are trampled on a daily basis. Where human dignity is drowned out in a cloak of silence and suppression. Each individual human being knows what is a basic human right is. Upholding, or at least standing up for these is often the hardest part when your in another culture, another world, far from the one you grew up in. But if we strive to be the change we wish to see in this world, then action must be taken, voices must be heard, human rights must be upheld and respected.

Amnesty International are a pillar of strength, a beacon of hope, a light of inspiration for those voices around this world that often go unheard.

When you travel, open your eyes to injustices just as much as you open your eyes to tourist attractions. Becoming aware is the first step in creating a better, more just world. Travel is the forum. And you count your lucky stars that your even able to exercise that freedom....

Backpacker Tips from the last decade

2010. Twenty Ten. The beginning of a new decade. What happened in the last one?! It doesnt seem that long ago I was in school. The most profound memories i cherish from the last decade is undoubtably those from my travels.

I want to share a few things i have learnt from the last decade of backpacking travel.

• Meet as many people as you can

• Vomit loudly and proudly and whenever necessary. You always feel better after it.

• Never be afraid to disrupt plans and go with the wind.

• Always lie to cops

• Never take laxatives and sleeping pills together

• Have faith in people, put your faith in people.

• Smile at strangers.

• Never rustle plastic bags in a hostel dormitory early in the morning.

• Laugh at yourself, life, and everything around you. People take life too seriously.

• Travel with an open hand, open heart and open mind.

Its so cliche, but so true - Life is short, make the most of it. If this decade flies past like the last i can only vouch for its realism and startling honesty. Remember that you have only one life to live as far as we know. Be whoever and whatever you’d like to be. Pursue your passions and your dreams. Life is too short to wonder, what if....

Its been 10 years since this song graced the airwaves. Always refreshing.

Happy new year everyone. Bring on 2010.

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