Backpacker Tips from the last decade

2010. Twenty Ten. The beginning of a new decade. What happened in the last one?! It doesnt seem that long ago I was in school. The most profound memories i cherish from the last decade is undoubtably those from my travels.

I want to share a few things i have learnt from the last decade of backpacking travel.

• Meet as many people as you can

• Vomit loudly and proudly and whenever necessary. You always feel better after it.

• Never be afraid to disrupt plans and go with the wind.

• Always lie to cops

• Never take laxatives and sleeping pills together

• Have faith in people, put your faith in people.

• Smile at strangers.

• Never rustle plastic bags in a hostel dormitory early in the morning.

• Laugh at yourself, life, and everything around you. People take life too seriously.

• Travel with an open hand, open heart and open mind.

Its so cliche, but so true - Life is short, make the most of it. If this decade flies past like the last i can only vouch for its realism and startling honesty. Remember that you have only one life to live as far as we know. Be whoever and whatever you’d like to be. Pursue your passions and your dreams. Life is too short to wonder, what if....

Its been 10 years since this song graced the airwaves. Always refreshing.

Happy new year everyone. Bring on 2010.

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