On Lifestyle and Travel.

...the most important thing to understand is that we have the ability to make decisions and have choices to pursue dreams, whatever those may be...

travel enlightens us. travel challenges us. travel delivers understanding. provokes thought. travel is holistic.

choice beckons us. choice threatens us. choice demands sacrifice. choice is so elusive. yet choice pervades us.

why, when we have such ability to make decisions, we find it so hard to pursue dreams?

it reminds me of one of my favorite travel quotes...

we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

flashpackking comedian

this is classic one minute youtube vid of a comedian taking the back out of backpacking.


And so we travel.

And so we travel.

Through changing worlds and shifting sands
over high seas & foreign lands
and what stimulates our emotions
as we cross these oceans
staring at the stars
and walking the land
carved from gods own hand

It must be the people
in the smiles
in the faces
of all earth's glorious races

We breathe & we see
we do & we be
but theres nothing quite like
being free.
And so we travel...

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