Worlds worst place to backpack #4

Its certainly not on the top of the list for tourism destinations. In fact, its almost at the bottom of my list. Coming in at number 4 of the worlds worst places to backpack is Chechnya.

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Chechnya is a federal republic within the borders of Russia. It has its own president, parliment and consitution. Its ongoing conflict with Russia since the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991 has been the bane of its existence.

There has been pretty much an ongoing war since its inception onto the global stage in 91.


Human Rights Watch rencently issued these comments....
"If you are detained in Chechnya, you face a real and immediate risk of torture. And there is little chance that your torturer will be held accountable,"


You'll want to watch your antics in the bedroom whilst traveling in Chechnya. If your caught in the act of, or even accused of sex in the bum, your better hoist your pants up and run for the hills.

Article 148 of the Criminal Law Act punishes "anal sexual intercourse between a man and a woman or a man and a man" by caning and then if your caught again, death. Death comes in the form of stoning for women or beheadings for men. Tough love.

Chechnya is famous for its traditional knives and daggers. This is probably the first thing youll need to buy upon entering the country. English is spoken by pretty much no one so good luck there.

Flashpackers may be slightly enthused to know that you can enter by plane 3 times a week from Russia. For the slackpacker there exists a weekly train route but its prone to hijackings and bombs. But forget it. Seriously. The regions of Dagestan/ Chechnya / Ingushetia are notorious for kidnap risk. One of the highest rates in the world. If you dodge that, you have to deal with the worst of the worst in corrupt cops, i dont think even the Dalai Lamas patience and supply of $100US notes would hold up. The 'officials' tip off the local gangs who then either rip you off again, or simply kidnap you and eventually rip you off for more, or blatantly knock you off. Mass graves are like recreational parks in Chechnya.

(Local Kindergarten..)
Partypackers wont be so enthused to know that there is not a single disco or club in Chechnya. Its not a dry country per se but dont try and look like your having fun.

(Leave the kids at home..)
There is only one hotel to stay, a random 5 star bang smack in the middle of war torn Grozny. Its most famous guest of all time was Mike Tyson. Ha, aint nobody gonna mess with Mike. The Hotel Arena actually steamed in with a classy review on Trip Advisor, check it out...

If somehow your still convinced on traveling to Chechnya, watch this famous Russian film, called Voyna, literally translates as 'War'. Funny enough the capital City Grozny translates as 'terrible'.

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