travel and the big

the internet is such an integral part of our lives these days. so much so, that its completely absurd when trying to think of life without the world wide web, which has only really been functioning as a w.w.w since 1989.

it is intrinsically integrated into our everyday lives. even on the road, the lure of the net cannot deter travelers from the destination where they are residing. even remote islands around the world will have somewhere to check your emails. if in doubt, whip out the iphone.

its nuts to think how travel and the internet will continue to intertwine and gradually compliment or destroy each other.

What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook….

My Backpack

With my backpack on my back
this dusty patchy olde sack
im off again
down this road with no end

A fresh day
another way
I wander off
with nothing more to say

Cos im breathing in the fresh air
got my pack on and i dont really care
as to my direction
the important thing
is my perception

But its the people i meet
and the places i go
these moments they always show
you end up reaping what you sow

Its in the smiles
in the faces
of all earths glorious races
that encourages my faith in this world

And with my backpack on
i sing this song
wandering along in my unique way
anticipating each new day.

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