World's worst places to backpack #12

Haiti - the pearl of the Caribbean...

Haitian Flag, the National Flag of Haiti

Its one large island, split down the middle. On one side - the tropical tourism hot spot of Dominican Republic. With its white sandy beaches ....

Port Salut Beach, Haiti

On the other side of the island, theres Haiti, where the waterfront looks more like this...

Ocean-Front view in Haiti

Haiti was once one of France's richest colonies. Now its a decaying mess of corrupt politicians, depleted national resources and a population with a broken spirit.

It is the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.
It has been raped, pillaged and left out for the vultures to pick at whatever is left.

Decades of poverty, environmental degradation, coups, violence, dictatorships and instability have left this country hanging in the midst of hell and the hands of multinational interests.

Crisis in Haiti

First there was the mother of all earthquakes....

Amazing Haiti Earthquake Aftermath Montage - by Khalid Mohtaseb

Then the cholera....

Distribution of clean water around Kibati

The bright sunshine of the Caribbean somehow doesn't shine down on poor old Haiti. Its dark, disease ridden and death is constantly knocking on the door.

Haiti earthquake 2

Its a failed state. Perhaps Wlcef Jean could of got it back on tracks, however the stiff ling bureaucracy and corrupt politicians didnt want that happening and as a result he was barred from standing for presidential election.

Respè pou Wyclef

Make no doubt about it, times are tough.


If your into looting, diseases, roadblocks by illegal armed gangs, kidnapping, car-jackings and the odd natural disaster then Haiti comes recommended.

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