Cashed in on the real thing...

Travel is the biggest blessing ever bestowed upon my life, and ultimately my character, who i am today, what i do tomorrow.

Having travelled for many years, the feeling that i could embark on a lifestyle like this forever was very real. Then the money dries up. Plans become more and more stringent and less complicated, often transport and food options begin to take the back seat. (Pun intended.) Then the inevitable day finally reach into that wallet and pull out the last twenty note. Its a day you knew was coming, but chose to ignore. Yet the reality of it hits you like a slap in the face with a cold fish.

Ive had many of those moments in my traveling life. However, i quite enjoy them. The parody is my enjoyment from such an unfortunate and anti climatic incident. What strikes me as somewhat humbling in a non self gratification manner, is that looking back on these 'moments' when at the time my world as i knew seem to be crumbling down around me, i was projected, forced, swept down another path in life, one that has always borne very poignant memories.

I have had some of the best times of my life when completely and utterly broke. I stand by this solidly. If anything it proves to me one thing. That money is overrated. Easy to say, hard to live by. Not that i live by this premise at all, but its a lesson i have learnt during my travels. A blessing. A teaching. A principle that i try to take with me in my rucksack of life. The first thing i pack into my backpack when i leave traveling. This principle is like solid gold to me. Because the minute i get consumed with money and what it can do for me on the road, i begin to miss the simplicity of it all. I bypass the things in life that dont cost anything. I never meet as many beautiful and memorable people as i do when my pockets are filled with dinero.

When we travel, its the people that make the difference. Meeting them costs nothing. I dont care too much for money cos money cant buy you love....

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