Travel with your eyes open...

As we travel through other cultures, other worlds, other peoples lives, we become a part of them. Whether we choose to embrace it or let those cultures, worlds and peoples lives pass by us, we undoubtably have the power to influence them in one way or another.

Whilst we cannot and should not impose our values and morals on other people, much the same way government foreign policy attempts miserably to dictate what others should and shall not do, we still must RESPECT, LEARN and UNDERSTAND as we travel the road of life.

Backpacking takes you to corners of the world where basic human rights are trampled on a daily basis. Where human dignity is drowned out in a cloak of silence and suppression. Each individual human being knows what is a basic human right is. Upholding, or at least standing up for these is often the hardest part when your in another culture, another world, far from the one you grew up in. But if we strive to be the change we wish to see in this world, then action must be taken, voices must be heard, human rights must be upheld and respected.

Amnesty International are a pillar of strength, a beacon of hope, a light of inspiration for those voices around this world that often go unheard.

When you travel, open your eyes to injustices just as much as you open your eyes to tourist attractions. Becoming aware is the first step in creating a better, more just world. Travel is the forum. And you count your lucky stars that your even able to exercise that freedom....

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