Flashpacker Sprinkles

Flashpackers aye. They are trading in their backpacks for "roller-cases" like never before. Hitting the streets, with their wheeliepacks, are they worthy of criticism or is it just a sign of the times?

Flashpacking. Where no cost is to great in the pursuit of happiness. Its backpacking with a twist. A slice of lime in that Gin & Tonic by the poolside in Rio de Janeiro. That chocolate tiramisu your nibbling on whilst checking your emails at a wi fi connection cafe in Vienna. The sprinkles on your cappucino. Perhaps its that warm towel that slips off the heated handrail in your downtown hostel in Melbourne. The movie-star lights above your mirror. That little care package that those flashpacker hostels often give you when checking in. The little things.
Its the little things that really matter.

Flashpacking is about choice.

But its not everybodys cup of tea. Some like it with no milk nor cream. Forget the sugar, my travels are sweet enough. But some travelers just can't resist those added sweetners, the cream and sprinkles, its all worth it, se vale la pena.

Its a new breed of backpacking and love it or hate it, its here to stay. Whether your a flashpacker, a slackpacker, a market haggler, a content straggler, we all share that same independent spirit of adventure. The ethos of traveling as a backpacker hasnt changed, maybe just the styles.


  1. Great blog post!

  2. I hear you and everyone I spoke with says the little wheels suck as it adds ~6lbs to the bag which can get annoying.

    I'm 10weeks on the road and I am a backpacker but also a flashpacker. I try not to but when I meet old friends in strange cities I just go out and have a crazy time.

    I do like saving money but I won't stay in a dorm.

    I think everyone has a different definition of what is and what isn't and one thing is for sure, it's here to stay.

    That said, from my short but thorough travels thus far, I've found all long termers who hang with short termers quickly regret it in the long run as most people only gone a week or two are looking to blow their load, not conserve it, so to speak.

    Found you on TBEX

  3. haha, I guess he really was a backpacker! Great site! Check out our new one also dedicated to backpacking: www.offtrackbackpacking.com. Let me know what you think of it!


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