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Egypt.  Where it all began...
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I wrote a blog post about Egypt just last year. It featured in my list of Worlds Worst Places to Backpack, muscling in at #8.  

Probably not the most esteemed introduction to a competition where candidates are encouraged to write inspiring pieces about traveling to Egypt. 
To be brutally honest, I toyed with the idea of not even mentioning it, but at the end of the day it speaks volumes. 
Im an impartial blogger, not here to butter up the bells and whistles, I'm here to tell it how it is.  And back in February last year, this is how it was... 

(Recommended you read this post first)

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You see, at the time of writing that post, Egypt was too hot to handle for your average traveler, it was boiling with rage and anger, with blood-stained violence spewing out onto the streets.  

Martyr's blood
(Jonathan Rashad - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

So I ask myself what has changed? What has inspired me to go there now, when several months ago I clocked it as one of the worst places in the world to visit? 

A simple word.   


One of the most inspirational quotes of all time is Gandhis 'be the change you want to see in this world'

For some, these words will always be void of any real meaning, they continue their lives in vain. For others, these words become the inspiration that strengthens their voices and pumps blood through their veins.  

Tragically, Egypt gave up many sons and daughters in the name of change.  But the power of the proud Egyptian people prevailed and change arrived.   

Today, the gateway to the country 'where it all began' is beckoning the intrepid traveler to return.  

(Alaa Morabet - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

Although much has changed, somethings remain the same.  

The iconic Pyramids of Giza still stand as the ancient cities of Cairo and Alexandria still bustle. 
(Boaz - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

Street Market in Old Alexandria, Egypt
(UncornedMarket - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

The sands in the Sinai still blow as the majestic Nile still flows.   

Egypt - Bedouin Hideout - Sinai
(Stuart Matthews - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)
Egypt Nile River at Cairo
(Kassemgr12 - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

The magical Mediterranean still laps up against the white sandy beaches, the coral-carpeted-coast still harbours its striking features.
Dahab, Sinai, Egypt
(Jay8085 - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)
Samadai Reef - Red Sea Coastal Development in Egypt
(Greenpeace UK - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

But all these aesthetically pleasing treats aside, what really inspires me to travel to Egypt - is the people.  

Egypt 2010
(Junior Kimbrough - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)
Happy Semeet Baker - Old Town Alexandria Egypt
(Egon Phillip - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)
Egypt 2010
(Junior Kimbrough - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

Ok, there is one other thing. Unashamedly I  still possess a nostalgic buzz with a teenage crush on Cleopatra
She stole my adolescent innocence and there were many, many days spent day-dreaming of her and her silky jet black hair, feline physique and those piercing green eyes.
(or was that just my fascination with this silly 1980s soap commercial spiralling out of control during my pubescent days? cant decide ;)

But in all seriousness, I have been fortunate to travel quite extensively throughout my life and I have witnessed and experienced some tantalising assaults on my senses.

The road to Sakarra, Dec 2008 - 56
(Ed Yourdon - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

A smorgasbord of sights, sounds, smells and tastes have been devoured over the years.  However, the most profound memories I cherish from my travels are undoubtedly encounters with people.   

Trucking Mixing The Old With The New
(Toby Saville - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

This is the essence of travel for me. 

Engaging with people. 

(Boaz - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

If you care to read my short #InspireTravel blog post on 'What' inspires me to travel you can see I'm only regurgitating what I preached before.  People inspire me to travel.  

(Owen Murray - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

The Egyptians inspired a global revolution and once again, kick started an evolution for mankind.  

(Owen Murray - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

I've been inspired by Egypt, but on a different level than most.  It has been the Egyptian people who have inspired me to experience firsthand what change can bring if you believe enough in what your fighting for.  

Egypt: Fruit Seller
(Hafiz Ismail - Flickr - Creative Commons Licence)

Please send me on a holiday to Egypt. This is my #InspiredbyEgypt entry to the Easy Jet Holidays Inspired by Egypt Competition. 
© Denis Corcoran

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  1. Have been to Egypt many times and agree that its all about the people over the places - infact all travel is imo...there's only so many places one can see before they all start to look the too familiar..its the people that create the experience for me too. Nice post!

  2. couldnt agree more, as the great maori proverb goes....what is the greatest thing about this world, it is the people, the people, the people...
    thanks for your comment!

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

  4. Nice post. The pictures are also good.


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